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tmtm 1. develops unique brand experiences, with a high degree of usability for digital media applications. 2. guarantees a good fit between the client's business goals and the goals of the audience 3. facilitates cost and time effective new media development

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feature 1. tmtm helped to make 'buzz' one of the most successful low cost 'web savvy' airlines in Europe.
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case-study compound. 1. an attempt to understand a person, institution, etc., from collected information. 2. a record of such an attempt

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download computing. 1. transfer (data) from one storage device or system to another (eps. smaller remote one).

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contact 1. get into communication with (a person). 2. begin correspondence or personal dealings with.


client feedback 1. n. information about the result of an project etc.; response

grey square [tmtm] was our brilliant day-to-day driving source behind the many award winning site and the various E-campaigns we launched which has led to a top 10 position of best selling travel sites in Europe, with 90% of all flight sales booked on line.

Dirk Kronemeyer, E-Business Director, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


grey square It's worth investing in [tmtm] at the beginning of a project as it ultimately saves the client and the agency time and money.

Matt Gee, Executive Producer, WCRS