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case-study 1. tmtm helped* to make 'buzz' one of the most successful low cost 'web savvy' airlines in Europe. 2. this is the innovative, proprietary and accomplished approach 3. explained in more detail in a presentation. Click here for download details.

*working with the designers, planners and developers of ehsbrann, London and the client buzz/KLMuk


step one
grey square user experience and usability
users are extremely goal driven and look only for the one thing they have in mind. help them to find it quickly.




step two
grey square field research
identify competitors and analyse their websites. observe and understand their solutions and problems. which context opportunities can be exploited?.




step three
grey square system architecture
take an overview of the global structure of the website and analyse the relevant section(s) in detail. reflect and change structure according to findings and usability issues.




step four
grey square prototypes
interactive prototypes in powerpoint are a cost and time efficient way to define the structure and functionality of the website.




step five
grey square design
only now has the designer enough knowledge to start designing a website with a meaningful layout and navigation.



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path n. (pl. paths) 1. a way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading. 2. a course of action or conduct

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